We offer communities planning expertise in the realm of active transportation. Be it bicycle or pedestrian plans, ADA transition plans, Complete Streets policies and strategies or Safe Routes to School plans, we have conducted numerous active transportation related plans in several states and with communities more urban and rural.


As an industry leader in Health Impact Assessments, we have led several HIA’s on multiple topics. We continue to evolve such deliverables which add tremendous value for our clients. In addition, we have also pioneered a new assessment process known as the Healthy Conditions Assessment. This process borrows from the six steps of HIA and the typical approach to Comprehensive Planning to craft a planning document that is data driven, yet considerate of qualitative information to focus on a city’s major issues using the resources available.


Vitruvian Planning is a specialist in the training realm with our Health Impact Assessment Training, Health and Planning Integration Training and our highly regarded Looking Glass Academy. We have crafted and adapted our courses to meet a growing demand within planning and public health. Through informative, interactive and fun methods, our participants walk away learning about subject matter and thoroughly enjoying themselves while doing so.

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