ADA Compliance

Vitruvian Planning’s staff has worked in the realm of ADA compliance for more than 15 years. Don Kostelec led one of the United States’ largest ADA Transition Plans for the Ada County Highway District in 2005. Since then, our efforts in this realm have helped take cities and highway agencies beyond the basic requirements of ADA compliance to make public right of way and public facilities safe and accessible.

Some of our most recent ADA compliance projects include:

Beyond training and facilitating the understanding of ADA compliance from a technical standpoint, we are helping communities explore ways to incorporate digital technology into ADA compliance, by identifying smart phone apps and smart glasses interfaces that help people with disabilities better navigate their environment. We are also exploring how the increase in people with autism will impact how the built environment is designed to safely address their needs and understand how people with autism experience things like street crossings and shared use pathways.

Other specialty work in ADA compliance includes: